Blue Ridge Eco Shop and Sunnyside Projects

16 Nov

Pallet Display Table in Display Window

Sunnyside Projects recently teamed up with the Blue Ridge Eco Shop on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA.  The shop was looking to draw more attention to their products while encouraging the idea of Re-use.  We found a good amount of pallets behind the store and went to work formulating a concept with materials on hand.  We decided to join 4 of the pallets together into a cube and then chop the corners off the top and bottom to provide a base and table top.  With the hardwood boards pulled off another pallet we pieced together a table top, and display shelving.

The Pallet Table before adding products.

The shop expressed a desire to have a new changing room as they were using a hanging tapestry before.
Again, we wanted to purchase as few new materials as possible so we grabbed a used door from the Habitat for Humanity Store, and some spare 2×4’s on hand.  The result was 5 2×4’s ripped into 1/8″ strip and pinned between 2×3’s that had been ripped in half, also providing a mount for the door.  The curved design adds a natural flow to an otherwise odd part of the store, while providing a useful and fun space for customers to try on the unique eco-fashion that the store has to offer.

Changing Room at the Blue Ridge Eco Shop

Changing Room at the Blue Ridge Eco Shop


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