Cold Frames to keep your plants warm.

8 Dec

You might think that the growing season has a finite beginning and end: the last frost in spring and the first frost in fall. But, in fact, many gardeners try to start planting and harvesting when frost still threatens. With a Sunnyside Projects Cold Frame, you can extend your season by a month or more on either end—in some climates, you can grow right through the winter with one. A coldframe is an ideal place to gradually acclimate tomato or pepper seedlings grown indoors to conditions outside.



Gardening guru Eliot Coleman asserts that “the basic cold frame is the most dependable, least exploited aid for the four-season harvest.”

Here are some great tips to utilize our lightweight cedar cold frames:
  • Seedlings that are started in cold frames are amazingly hearty and cold tolerant.
  • The best site for a cold frame is a south-facing, sunny spot with good drainage and some protection from the wind. Ideally, the site should get full sun from midmorning to midafternoon.
  • The key to using a coldframe successfully is paying attention to the temperature—and the trick is in keeping it cool rather than warm. The temperature inside the coldframe should stay below 75°F for summer plants and below 60°F for plants that normally grow in spring and fall. The way to keep temperatures cool inside a coldframe is to lift the lid.
  • On especially cold nights cover the cold frame with a thick blanket to insulate against heat loss.
  • The great thing about our cold frames is that they are very light, making it easy to plant your seeds directly into the ground or your raised bed, cover with the cold frame, and then when the plants are established, you can easily move the cold frame to another plot to start the next protected planting.


    A Cold Frame from Sunnyside Projects would make an excellent gift for a loved one this holiday season.

They come fully assembled or packaged with our easy assembly guide.

For more information, pricing, and to place an order visit our Cold Frame page.

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