A custom terraced garden by Sunnyside Projects

3 May

Once again, we have partnered with one of our clients to produce a dynamic feature garden bed.

Photo May 01, 2 28 12 PM   Photo May 01, 4 04 59 PM

The all cedar and aluminum construction will give this beautiful garden bed a long productive life, providing a place to grow amazing amounts of food each season.

Photo May 01, 3 55 41 PM

Fitting perfectly into the corner of the fenced in garden area just off the outdoor dining area, the terraced design adds visual interest and allows more sun to reach each plant.

Photo May 01, 3 58 29 PM

The 5.5″ trim on the outside edge serves as a convenient seat for weeding or harvesting, allowing the client to work comfortably.

Photo May 01, 3 49 56 PM

Sunnyside Projects is the source for high quality custom cedar garden beds in Charlottesville, VA.Please contact us today to set up a consultation to plan your own special raised bed.

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