The Dawn Echo table by Sunnyside Projects

12 May

Nathan Hanley of Sunnyside Projects is in the process of converting a small shack on the edge of Charlottesville into a liveable tiny house.

Photo May 04, 7 00 55 PM

The first piece of furniture actually needed to function as what is normally an entire room in a normal house.  The Kitchen.Photo May 11, 9 17 34 PM

A large naturally sealed table top is stain resistant and conditioned with a mineral oil/beeswax finish to ensure a long life.

Photo May 11, 9 11 11 PM

The cedar rack/shelf underneath is perfect for storing appliances, dry goods, and dishes.

Photo May 11, 9 14 10 PM

The dynamic legs of this table were inspried by the pieced together construction of the shack that Nathan began working on.  Much of the wood used to rebuild the structure after a tree fell on it was simply re-purposed pallet wood.  This gave the shack a very funky look and after Nathan painted the door with a striking blueberry violet the remaining paint had to go somewhere.

Photo May 11, 8 53 12 PM

Sunnyside Projects is available for any custom carpentry project you have in mind.  A unique, functional piece in your home, office, business, or restaurant will add a special touch that you and your visitors will very much appreciate.

Contact us today to discuss your unique projects.

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