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When Kate and I were in the process of opening our gallery, we began actively looking for someone to help with a few basic fixtures. We actually found Nathan online, but recognized his work from around town – The Farm, Eco-shop, etc. He seemed like a good fit for the job, his style complemented ours, and he quoted us a reasonable price. We were pleasantly surprised when not only was he more than able to handle what we knew we needed for our shop, but also had good suggestions of his own to really make our space memorable while staying well within our budget and timeline. Nathan was friendly, creative, and easy to work with, and the work he did for us was top-notch, affordable, and on time. We’re actually moving into a new house next month, and already have Nathan in mind for a few projects around our new home. – David Murray, owner of Telegraph

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my raised beds. It is so easy to garden using them. Weeding is a snap. I’m so thankful that we discovered you at the Farmers Market. Sincerely”, Sara Cary

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2'x4' Cedar Cold Frame

2’x4′ Cedar Cold Frame

“Assembly went fine. The cold frame smells great and looks great. It is just what I wanted. My old cold frame was the same size but very ugly. I love looking at this one. Thanks so much for your clear instructions.”- Kitt in Cambridge Massachusetts.

2’x4′ Cedar Cold Frames for Season Extension.

Planters outside “The Farm” Cafe

Get these eye catching planters for your home or business today.

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