Teardrop Camper

This is a one of a kind custom small camper that Nathan built. It weighs very little and can be moved with almost any vehicle.
This is a great way to see the country without using too much gas, but still traveling in style.
Or for getting away on the weekends without hassling with a tent.

It is 4’x8 with plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably.
As well as a hatchback cooking area in the back.

The features include:
-All wood and aluminum construction. Sealed with natural shellac on the inside, and Three coats of marine varnish on the outside. Heavy tar on the bottom.
-Solid trailer bought brand new for this project.
-Completely water tight lexan skylight. Doubled for insulation and no condensation build up. 4’x2′
-Trojan 1275 deep cycle battery and 1500 watt cobra inverter hooked up to wall outlets installed inside, and charged by a solar panel.
-New Sink mounted in a laminated pine countertop with a hand pump faucet. Great for washing up or brushing your teeth before bed.
-Heavy Duty, special order hardware
-2 fully insulated custom sliding/locking windows.
-Solar vent/fan with solar charging battery for night use.

It is really the perfect way to travel for a couple not wanting to stay in hotels while traveling, but not wanting to “rough it” either.

Check out our news story on NBC 29.

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