Cold Frames

High quality, easy to move Cold Frames by Sunnyside Projects.
Made with Rot-Resistant Tongue and Groove Cedar, Rust-Free Aluminum, and Professional Double-Walled Greenhouse Panels.
Extend your Growing Season, and look good doing it!
Extremely Lightweight. Easy to Move to the areas of your garden that need extra protection from the coming cold.
Get a Big head start next spring! Grow well in to fall!

Benefits of a Sunnyside Projects Cold Frame:

  1. Protects plants from cold weather. The 8mm double wall polycarbonate transparent top admits sunlight and prevents heat escape via convection that would otherwise occur, particularly at night. Essentially, a cold frame functions as a miniature greenhouse to extend the growing season.
  2. They create microclimates that provide several degrees of air and soil temperature insulation, and shelter from wind. these characteristics allow plants to be started earlier in the spring, and to survive longer into the fall and winter. They are most often used for growing seedlings that are later transplanted into open ground, and can also be a permanent home to cold-hardy vegetables grown for autumn and winter harvest.
  3. You can raise a huge variety of crops from seed through to maturity within the frame – so it’s possible to have vegetable crops ahead of their normal season when they are extremely expensive to buy.
  4. Some crops suitable for growing in a cold frame include lettuces, parsley, salad onions, spinach, radishes and turnips etc. One vegetable crop can occupy the whole of a cold frame or you can grow a combination of crops so that they mature in rotation – so you’ll get a wide range of different vegetables throughout the year from one cold frame.

Benefits of Cedar:
Cedar wood has remarkable dimensional stability. This means the wood doesn’t change its size or dimension despite weather, humidity or temperature conditions. Cedar is a light, porous type of wood. This gives it a high insulating value perfect for retaining soil warmth. Cedar stands up to moisture, resisting rot and resisting insect damage better than other woods.
Sunnyside Cold Frame VS. using old windows:
1. It’s very hard to seal something made with various scrap windows and the greatest danger for plants in cold frames and green houses is cold breezes that slip into small openings. The double walled greenhouse panels are insulated and the Cedar Sides are Tongue and Groove, making it impossible for any breeze to penetrate.
2. Most Old Window Cold Frames are made with Pine that will rot, or covered in toxic paint that will flake off into their garden beds.
3. Cedar Cold Frames are Super Lightweight. Try moving a cold frame made with a bunch of old glass windows over a freshly prepared bed vs. ours made with cedar and polycarbonate greenhouse panels. These are awesome for starting a directly seeded bed, and then moving it to the next prepared bed when the seedlings are ready to be exposed to the elements.

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