Gypsy Chicken Wagon

The Gypsy Chicken Wagon by Sunnyside Projects!
Custom Made for the Nomadic Chicken.

Laying boxes and a night time roosting shelter for up to 6 chickens.
Steel Mesh floor provides automatic “fertilizer” spreading and easy infrequent cleaning.

Lightweight design on off road wheels allows easy movement.
Easily accessible laying boxes low enough for kids to use.
Viewing window allows plenty of natural light and good view for anyone interested.
Corrugated Roof provides proper ventilation.
Built with naturally weather resistant cedar.
Stylish design adds style and fun to your yard.
Surround with fenced grazing area for free range quality.
Each Gypsy Coop is a variation on a theme and any requests for artwork whether wood cut or stenciled can be added.Prices start at $580 with a standard round or egg shaped viewing window,
or $650 for custom artwork as shown in the pictures.
Delivery Available for $60 within 20 miles of Olympia, WA.

To Place an order or request more information please fill out the following contact form:

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